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There is some really great information here for you science geeks.

Hey...we are busy

 Yes, the website needs updating and our blog has been slow too. The reason is that we have just been busy as hell. Ecto radio has taken off and there are allot of investigation reports that will be added to the site in the near future.

Stay tuned!

Why CSI (CSICOP) is crap

A good article that provides an overview along with commentary of CSI is here;


This is from Wikipedia

On a more general level, CSI has been accused of pseudoskepticism and an overly dogmatic and arrogant approach based on a priori convictions. It has been suggested that their aggressive style of skepticism could discourage scientific research into the paranormal. Astronomer Carl Sagan wrote on this:

Have I ever heard a skeptic wax superior and contemptuous? Certainly. I've even sometimes heard, to my retrospective dismay, that unpleasant tone in my own voice. There are human imperfections on both sides of this issue. Even when it's applied sensitively, scientific skepticism may come across as arrogant, dogmatic, heartless, and dismissive of the feelings and deeply held beliefs of others... CSICOP is imperfect. In certain cases [criticism of CSICOP] is to some degree justified. But from my point of view CSICOP serves an important social function — as a well-known organization to which media can apply when they wish to hear the other side of the story, especially when some amazing claim of pseudoscience is judged newsworthy ... CSICOP represents a counterbalance, although not yet nearly a loud enough voice, to the pseudoscience gullibility that seems second nature to so much of the media.

and from another interesting blog:


The Grzelachowski House

 A new report on a very historic location in Santa Rosa.


Ecto Radio is ALIVE!

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, but we have been very busy with Ecto Radio as of late. The show is now live and interactive!

Check it out every Tuesday night at 9:00pm (EST), 7:00 mountain, at www.srnlive.com

On other fronts there are several pending investigation reports on the way. We will post links to them once they are ready.

Lots of new stuff

SGHA History


The truth about ghost hunting (Yes..its mostly a hobby folks!)


Electromagnetism for ghost hunters (second page was added)


The conscious electromagnetic field theory


Using critical thinking and scientific method to analyze video

Determining if a photograph has been altered in Photoshop, a new article!